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Breaking News: Mourinho Sacked After 1978/79 History Was Discovered

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From all indications, it appears the ‘loud mouthed one’ will be getting his marching orders in recent days.

This is coming after the London side got defeated yet again in the English Premier League to a stubborn Stoke city side and this has prompted the club to seek for his replacement, with Diego Simeone, Pep Guardiola, and Brendan Rodgers all rumored to replace him

Mourinho received a fine and one match ban for his encounter with referee Jon Moss and was absent from the Britannia Stadium, or perhaps sneaked in since most fans had the masks replica of him.

It can be recalled that the same referee was the fourth official who was on the sidelines when he had a scuffle with Arsene Wenger. So the new incident was not out of the blue – it certainly is connected to Wenger. Moss did wave the Wenger-Mourinho altercation as a ‘friendly handshake’.

According to Chelseanewshub, the Chelsea manager was summoned after the game and it appears Abrahimovich has had enough of the club’s mishaps and wants to put an end to it before it gets too late.

An interesting stat cropped up today that they, the Blues, lost 7 out of their first 12 games in the 1978/1979 season; they eventually got relegated that season, and it seems history is about to play out again.

That weird stat and some player-related incidents have convinced the owner that Mourinho has to go.

Should the reports be true, Mourinho would be scheming off with about £30 million and the assistant manager has been tipped to continue in the interim.

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