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Mourinho To Referee: “Wenger Was Right – You Are ****ing Soft”

In what seemed like a spray of yellow cards, in which the six of the Chelsea players were carded in the game against West ham. The referee on the day, Jon Moss, was adjudged to be somewhat biased which prompted the invasion of the referee’s room by Mourinho the self acclaimed ‘Special One’ .

The Chelsea boss was seen throwing jabs at Moss and via The Daily Mail, it is believed that amongst the tantrums thrown at referee, this was up there:

“Wenger was right — you are fucking soft.”

The statement is dated back to the incident involving the Scuffle between the Portuguese a Wenger. Moss was the fourth official on the day and superintended the eventual silence from the FA, as he made no negative remarks of the incident.

Mourinho still licking his wounds from the previous fine which saw him part way with a whooping £50,000 sum is due to face a ban pending when referee Moss’s tenders his report on the game.

Chelsea seem to have swapped sides with Arsenal and cannot fathom why major decisions cannot go their way. The Gunners have been experiencing similar incidents for years now with some broken leg of key players in the mix. However, the manager’s head was always cool while he bemoaned the wrong decisions going the Arsenal’s way.

It so seems that Wenger is always right.

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