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Not a Do-or-die Affair, Arsenal Rest Ozil Against Olympiacos?


Not trying to be a prophet of doom but when it comes to the Arsenal, we just have to hope for the worst.

Arsenal are about to play the usual game of the season where we initially shoot ourselves in the foot in the first leg of the tie, only to fight so hard in the second leg. Eventually winning but not qualifying into the next round. The only difference is the sudden arrival of the scenario in the group stages of the competition.

Now we face Olympiacos in a must win game- not just a win but a 2-goal margin win. While I am obliged to offer my full support to the team, that cannot be said with investing my emotions. So I have to keep my options open while I expect the team to come up with one or two surprises- which they always do.

I also will like the team to play cautiously and not running into tackles like the Jack Wilshere. We need all possible legs to play in the Premier League- that’s the title that is most likely to be lifted this season.

There are reports saying that Mesut Ozil could start from the bench. That has my full support if he is not fully fit. He seems to save his assists for the Premier League. Perhaps we are on the same page.

It is not a do-or-die affair as the media portrays it to be. If we qualify, fine. If we don’t qualify, good. Where the real fight should take place is in the League.

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