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Ozil: This Is The Secret Behind My IMPRESSVE Assist Record This Season


Mesut has revealed the major reason behind his superb form which has seen him shine so brightly, so much so, that his former club Real Madrid are reportedly eager to have him back.

The 27-year-old has been in sublime form this season, chalking up an impressive 15 assists already. Not only that he usurps the other attackers in key stats this season, but the onus is on how he makes it look so simple.

He regrets the ruptured knee ligament last season which saw him stay for over three months on the sidelines. He has finally come to terms on how to manage his body effectively, which he attributes as the major reason behind his form.

“The biggest change started when I was injured last year and I changed my diet and started to look at the small details in my life.

“For example I started to have physiotherapy on my days off and made sure I had a good sleep. That is crucial over here [in England]. It is the fastest league in the world and we often play twice a week with no winter break.

“I also missed football a lot when I was injured and I don’t want that to happen again.

“That’s why I am doing everything I can to avoid it now. It is also the case that when you are playing well you get more confident. The team is more mature and more consistent this season and I get a lot of help on the pitch. It is only because of their help I can do my best.”

The playmaker has been exempted from some training sessions in recent weeks in order to preserve him for the games. He has made 23 appearances thus far this season -no other Arsenal player has played more games.

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