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Cech Blames Arsenal’s Second Place Finish On Injuries

Despite going into the season with high aspirations, Arsenal finished second. The second place finish would have been met with excitement at other clubs, but Arsenal fans have been waiting for over a decade since their last Premier League title, and are wary of coming close to winning it but not actually winning it. Even with the setback, the Gunners still have favorable online soccer odds to win the Premier League.

While there are many reasons for this year’s disappointing finish, namely the team’s dismal performance in January and February, goalkeeper Petr Cech, is blaming the team’s underwhelming finish on injuries.

According to reports, Cech said that the team suffered from overall fatigue and long-term injuries to key players that didn’t allow them to have the type of success they had hoped for. Cech said he believes that the team would have won the Premier League title if they weren’t dealing with so many injuries.

Players like Santi Cazorla, Francis Coquelin, and Jack Wilshere were all sidelined for long periods of time due to injury, and their presence on the field would have made a significant impact on the team and their results.

While injuries are part of the game and every other team deals with them as well, Cech has a point because the Gunners started off the season very strong when all their players were still healthy. By January, the injuries had started to pile up, and the team struggled for the next two months, and gave up their position at the top of the Premier League to Leicester City and Tottenham.

Cech, who moved to Arsenal after spending most of his career at Chelsea, called the season a very strange one. He said that the injuries the team had to go through wasn’t as bad as it had been in recent years because there weren’t as many players lost to injury as in the past.

However, the injuries were more devastating this year because they happened to key players on the team, which took a big bite out of their offense and defense. It also didn’t help that they were all serious injuries that required significant time away from the field.

Arsenal’s midfield suffered the biggest blow, losing players like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Santi Cazorla, and Jack Wilshere to long-term injuries. The bright side is that some of their younger players got an opportunity to show what they can do, and the team seems to have found a gem or two to their already solid midfield.

Danny Welbeck also didn’t have much luck with injuries this season. Welbeck didn’t get to play until February because he was recovering from an injury, but his return didn’t last very long as he injured his knee in a game against Manchester City at the end of the season.

Cech said that despite the injuries, he thought that the team did very well with the players they had left, but by February, the fatigue set in and affected the team and cost them their Premier League lead.

With all that they went through, the Gunners were still able to finish second and will be hoping for better luck on the injury front as they continue their quest for their first Premier League title since 2004.