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Granit Xhaka on the Rumored Talks between Gladbach & Arsenal: I’m not the Right Person To Be Asked

Rumors had it that Borussia Monchengladbach and Arsenal are in talk over Granit Xhaka, but the 23 year-old Gladbach midfielder said that he was unaware of any such talk. He did mention though, that he could see himself playing for Arsenal. This fueled even more speculations on a leap to other camp anytime soon. He was quick to add, however, that such question is properly addressed to the management of the two teams. This possible transfer could change tides in the online soccer odds and the whole soccer community in general.

Although claiming to be unaware of any talks, an insider in Xhakas’ camp has confirmed that there is indeed a negotiation going on. Arsenal is seen as an aggressive party on the move, with an alleged offer of whopping 33.8million just to get Xhakas on their side. But the story does not end with the midfielder. It is believed that Arsenal is targeting two more additional members on their team apart from Xhakas, which could really ring the bells for online sportsbook soccer odds. In a report by Standard Sport, Arsenal is believed to be also courting striker Alvaro Morata of Juventus club to become part of its stronger team. Arsenal has also been seen checking out Kante and examining the legal implications for the latter’s buy out as stated in his current contract, just in case he makes a jump and become part of Arsenal. Prior to this, the club has also considered players like Adrien Rabiot, William Carvalho and Lars Benders.

Rumors of switching had been intensified by the fact that Xhakas did not play in the friendly game that Gladbach had with FC Luzern during the club’s stay in Switzerland throughout the break. What makes it even more bizarre is the fact that Xhakas was with the team during this trip, though his activity was limited to autograph signing for the fans in the region. There are those who view this as a preparation for Xhakas’ gradual release from the team, by allowing the team to play without him around.

Despite these sizzling rumors circulating around the world of professional football, Xhakas remained professional and silent by simply saying that as of the moment, he still is a Gladbach player, and whether there was actually a negotiation was left in the air without any direct answer. But a pinch of hint can be taken from Xhakas himself when he mentioned that he wants to have a certainty on his career path and direction before June 11, or before the European Championships open. From this, it can be easily gleaned that the two camps could possibly be talking and negotiating Xhakas’ future. It appears that even Xhakas himself is uncertain which team would he be playing for in the next few years.

As of today, the online soccer sportsbetting community could only surmise and play around this guessing game with all the hint over the news, and by reading in between Xhakas’ lines and statements albeit still a little unclear, along with the little information that insiders sprinkle every now and then.