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Theo Walcott’s Contract Issues And Denial.

Theo Walcott is back from the long injury lay-off which he got in the North London derby game last season.

He’s back but the media is awash with stories -fictitious stories of how he had a bust-up with his manager while on the training ground.

It seems the English International who is quite calm and collected is fed up with the stories he  hears about himself and has come all out to rebuff this rumours.

“I don’t normally comment on false stories about myself but reports about contract demands & bust-ups with the boss are completely nonsense”

He is approaching the final year in his current contract and rumours are rife that he rejected the contract offered to him. Nevertheless, he has debunked this claims by stating that no contract of any form has been offered yet.

He says, “There have been no contract talks as yet and my current focus is not on contract but on doing my best for Arsenal FC”

It is a good thing that he has come out to calm the nerves of the fans and we hope the contract signing process will go smoothly without any hiccups – touch wood.