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Wenger: How I Feel Each Time The Club Loses A Game.

Ahead of the Liverpool game, Arsene Wenger has revealed how he feels each time the Gunners lose a game.

The 65-year-old has been managing the club for over 18 years now and has seen both the good, the bad, and the ugly. Although, the club is alot more financially stable, we have had to suffer on the trophy front since we had to cut costs in terms of player’s wages and all that.

This has resulted to Arsenal grooming players, all for them to be sold when they are established. Hence, our woeful performances against top oppositions.

As an Arsenal fan, it is quite usual to see tennis-like scorelines on the score board -with the gunners being at the receiving end of it.

This incurs  the wrath of the fans and some go as far as seeking for Wenger’s head on a platter. However, the manager feels that the fans are not alone in suffering whenever Arsenal lose games because he too also gets emotionally drained.

“I never go out after we lose, I just sit at home miserably and think about why we lost,” Wenger told Arsenal magazine.

“I’ve had periods when I’ve stayed at home for two or three days. If we have not got a game for a while, and we have lost, there are times when i have not gone out for days. It really hurts. If it does not, you will never survive in the game.

“People who live around you suffer with you, so the only thing I can do is try to get out of other people’s way. I try to be like a dog who is sick – I go away into quarantine and come back when I’m cured.”